Let our Inner Healing and Deliverance course 2015 alumni Alicia G. share with you how our program really changed her life.

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Journey Into Wholeness and Freedom with our 8 Steps To New Beginnings! Learn how to take yourself through these 8 Steps whenever the Holy Spirit highlights an area you are having trouble in and get set free!

YOU WERE BORN INTO A WORLD AT WAR! The Lord Is A Warrior! Exodus 15:3

"Christianity is an epic love story set in the midst of a life and death battle for our hearts. And you have a crucial role to play!” John Eldredge

Get Your Heart and Mind Healed and Renewed by King Jesus Himself!

Learn How To Get Free From The Evil That Is Holding You Back!

 Begin To Step Into Your God Given Destiny!

"You have it within your power to make your life a great story, one of significance. Every person can."

Dr. John Maxwell, Living Intentionally

There is freedom and healing available to you dear one!  We are all oblivious to the reality that our childhood experiences are actually distorting our whole understanding of life and how it works.

Below Laurie Parker, another alumni of our training program, wants to share with you how her life has changed since going through the experience.

"The Inner Healing and Deliverance Class with Gail is life changing!"



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You Too Can Start To See Your Life Change! You Can Begin To Have Breakthroughs When You Learn To Recognize You Are Stuck In Some Ongoing Defeating Life Pattern. You Will Know How To Seek The Lord For The Reason Why and Then Take Yourself Through The 8 Steps To New Beginnings!

We know how busy you are!  We also know you want to learn how to start getting your breakthroughs and move forward into your destiny! 

  • This course is only 7 sessions!

  • The first 4 sessions are Zoom meetings where you can join us live online or watch from home  at your convenience.

  • The last 3 sessions are live in person in the Elmhurst, Illinois area. It  is a weekend event.  We gather for a night of fun on a Friday night and then Saturday morning at 9AM we start the first of three sessions that conclude at 7PM that evening.  During the sessions we teach you how to take yourself through full inner healing and deliverance sessions on your own, led by the Holy Spirit!


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What is preventing you from going to the next level in your life?



Every Student Gets A Personal Prophetic Word From Gail or Her Prophetic Team!

We are a prophetic people and our King tells us to desire all the Spiritual Gifts He has given us in the Bible, but especially the gift of Prophesy!  We honor His prophetic Words in our company!

Gail was imparted a great gift of prophecy by the laying on of hands in 2003.  She has blessed hundreds and hundreds of people with her powerful prophetic gift.  Come and receive a loving, kind, encouraging Word from the Lord through Gail or one of her powerful prophetic ministers during our training program!

Where are you at in your life journey? Which life season are you in right now?



Are you stuck, cold, numb, feeling like you are lost in a blizzard or a fog has rolled over you?  Unable to find your way?  Can’t hear God and have no direction for your life?  You seem to fall into another ice crack when ever you try to risk and move forward?  You just get stuck again as confusion, darkness, fear, anxiety, trepidation and/or self-hatred over take you?


You are a new Believer in Christ, you are stepping out in faith, feeling joy in your heart because you know you are loved by God, but old ways of thinking and old habits are making you feel defeated.  You can’t get victory over those old sin habits.  You are ashamed to tell anyone for fear they will judge you?  You feel dirty inside, defeated, unable to actually tap into the abundant life the Lord Jesus said He has come to give us. You can’t hear God and don’t know what to do next.


You’ve been a Believer for awhile now, you see other Believers, the mothers and fathers of the faith you go to for deep teaching, that are living deeply intimate with God; they can hear His voice and live their lives from His intimate interaction with them.  You want to be just like them!  You want to fulfill your God given destiny!

But something keeps messing you up.  You can’t get victory in certain areas of your life.  There is a deep hurt in your being from your past and it haunts you.  Your inner talk is negative about yourself and you can’t rise up and be the overcomer King Jesus is calling you to be.  You see you are not living like those you look up to are.  You want more!  You want to fulfill your destiny!


Your heart has grown cold to God and the things of God.  Your life has not worked out the way you hoped and thought it should.  Your dreams are gone.  You are in survival mode, just going through the motions of life with no joy, no anticipation for good to come your way.  No hope for the future.  Hopelessness has set in and apathy has taken you over.  Your addictions are the only things that give you any pleasure.



You are seated in heavenly realms in Christ Jesus! You are passionately in love with the Triune God! You live to love and serve your glorious Redeemer, King, Friend, Father,and Wonderful Counselor.You seek to do His will in all areas of your life!

You know your destiny call and you are running into it with all your heart and soul!

You Can Learn How To Take Simple Steps To Get Unstuck and Begin To Walk In the Kingdom Life Too!

You Can Do It! We Can Help!

"God used Gail mightily to bring tremendous deliverance in my life!"

"I was going through a lot of demonic afflictions before I met Gail. God used Gail to bring a lot of revelation to light in my life. I didn’t know how to fight the right way in prayer to gain freedom from the things that oppressed me. That’s when Gail started teaching me about inner healing and the need for me to allow Jesus to heal my wounds, especially the wounds from my childhood. Through the inner healing sessions I had with Gail, I was able to break off the chains and hurt from the traumas of my past. To the glory of God, today, I am free, delivered, and rejoicing in the healing power in the name of Jesus." Sonya Rolande

The 8 Steps to Wholeness and Freedom From Past Wounds

1. Discern the wound to focus on and the demons that entered you during the wounding through the leading of the Holy Spirit. Make a list of them. Look at the emotions you felt to discern their names.

2. Break off Ancestral Curses and give and receive forgiveness.

3. Discern the lies you have been subconsciously believing that are crippling your ability to move forward in your destiny.

4. Create Godly Truth Decrees to replace those lies and declare them daily out loud with passion, to renew your mind and encourage your whole being.

5. Sever all Soul Ties with those you are supernaturally bound to still so you stop being defiled by them.

6. Repent for judging the people involved in the wounding. Cancel those judgments and the consequences that are harming you because of your judging them.

7. Invite the Lord Jesus to come and heal the broken places in your heart. He comes very gently and lovingly to heal your wounds.

8. Kick out the demons that you came into agreement with during the wounding that have been secretly causing you harm all these years. They come out quickly and quietly because we have broken all their rights to be with you through the above 7 steps. Then ask Holy Spirit to come and fill up every area that was vacated by the demons!

Our 5 Keys To Transformation That Can Be Life Changing For You! 

1. Become more intimately connected with the God that loves you deeply and hear His voice more clearly through simple,  time tested training materials.

2. Learn the why and the how of doing inner healing and deliverance from skilled teachers through the book we read and Gail's teaching.

3. Learn the 8 Steps To New Beginnings system Gail has created so you can take yourself through Inner Healing and Deliverance whenever the Lord shows you He wants to bring you more healing.

4. Be mentored by Gail who has walked vibrantly and powerfully with God for 31 years and has taught many students.

5. Spiritual Weapons of Warfare.  Learn 12 key strategies the Lord taught Gail personally on how to get deeply connected to the Lord and stop the spiritual warfare that is trying to defeat you.


Sign Up Today! There is very limited seating!

Bonuses Awaiting You Inside the Journey Into Wholeness and Freedom Training Program!

  •  You will have your own coach to connect with online each week to  help you with your homework so you know you are on the right track with your hearing God and inner healing and deliverance exercises.
  • Learn how to break  generational curses off your life and your your descendants that have been harming you for years.
  • Each week you will receive one of Gail's Spiritual Weapons of  Warfare Trainings from her Spiritual Weapons of Warfare 12 session course in our Eagle Rider's Academy that will help you grow exponentially in your spiritual walk with God.
  • You will receive a personal prophetic Word that will encourage you and help point you in the right direction for your next steps into your destiny!


"Surely goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life."

Psalm 23:6

"I need you to be strong mighty ones in this hour My flock."says the Lord of Hosts.

"I want you to be all that I Am has ordained for you to become in this hour.  Do not run in fear to the darkness anymore!  Let My gentle warriors help you reach into My heart of love for you and bring forth the greatness, goodness, kindness, and love that has been hidden for so long!  You are beautiful in My sight and I want you to flourish in your callings and destiny purposes so that I will be  revealed to the earth realm and much work will be done for the Kingdom of My Beloved Son!  Amen."

A prophetic Word from Papa God through Gail Hubbard Ciarrachi


Pauline, a mental health nurse, shares how powerful this class is!

"The book, this class, and Gail have been an incredible gift in my life!

It is amazing how much more aware of God’s Presence and my ability to discern His Word has progressed. 

I have been a mental health nurse for over 30 years and if this process were applied to those that have struggled with depression, anxiety, abuse and a range of other issues there would be so much more genuine deep healing and freedom in this world!

I am learning this is not a quick fix for our issues, but you do see amazing results and changes in your life as you learn and apply the steps.

The best part of it is that with God’s help and this knowledge we can change and grow and lead the true lives God has intended for us.

If your hesitating, don’t!  Sign up!  You will not regret it!  I want to take it again!  The support and encouragement you will receive from Gail and the group is so inspiring!

Get the book and start reading it.  Do the work and watch what unfolds!  You will be amazed and grateful!"  Pauline M.



Are You Getting Excited Yet? We Are Excited For You To Step Into A New Level Of Kingdom Life By Beginning Your Journey Into Wholeness and Freedom!

"Every layer I uncover in my healing journey brings a new joy and peace that I've never experienced before. I now see clearer then I've ever seen before!"

" I have to say that when I started the inner healing and deliverance class I had no idea what I was getting into.  I'm not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical.  Being raised Christian I had never experienced something like this but I quickly learned that I needed this more than I knew.  I didn't realize how deep my hurts were and I didn't realize how those hurts actually controlled every aspect of my life.

Going through my first healing and deliverance session opened my eyes to so much.  I had no idea of how exactly all the anguish in my heart, my anger, my despair, anxiety, depression-you name it-affected every aspect of my life.  I now see that with every layer I uncover in my healing journey brings a new joy and peace that I've never experienced before.  I now see clearer then I've ever seen before.

More importantly I know and can feel just how much God is working in my life.  I feel His presence and the peace that only He can provide.  I'm grateful for Gail who has shared her God-given gift so that individuals can experience God's love, peace, and embrace as never before."  Jocelyn M.

Nothing Will Change For You Unless You Change! It's Time To Begin YOUR Journey Into Wholeness And Freedom!

Discover What Is In Our Journey Into Wholeness and Freedom Training Program

    • Each week Gail will bring you into God's presence in a brief soaking session where she prophetically releases what she feels the Lord's heart is for the class that day. You will be encouraged  and strengthened and you will begin to sense God’s love for you at a deeper level.
    • Case Studies of a variety of wounds people received healing from will be sprinkled through out the seesions so you can get a bigger understanding of how the healing and deliverance process works.  These will be found in the download area of your online classroom of your course.  Some will be videos and some will be PDF's.
    • The first 4 classes will be held through live Zoom webinars online.
    • In the first session you will fill out a Life Destiny Time Line that highlights your most enjoyable moments and your main life traumas. This will be a tool we use later in the course as a springboard into your personal inner healing and deliverance sessions.
    • In the second session Gail helps you start applying the foundational  keys you are learning from reading our training manual Biblical Healing and Deliverance by Chester and Betsy Kylstra.  You will be getting rid of lots of harmful baggage from your past as you process through the session.
    • In the third session  Gail will take herself through a full inner healing and deliverance session so you can become familiar with the process you will be going through yourself live when we physically start to meet together in week 5.
    • In the 4th session you learn how to break off generational curses/illnesses that have plagued you and/or your family line and get ready to be delivered of the demons that entered you through those curses. 
    • In the 5th session you will be together in class with your fellow students and everyone will go through their own personal inner healing and deliverance session. Only you know what your session is about unless you tell others. We will also deliver you of any demons you discovered last week during your breaking off generational curses session.
    • In the 6th and 7th sessions you will go through your own personal inner healing and deliverance sessions.
    • Gail will teach you how to connect with God and hear His voice through simple, techniques tested around the world.  You will also learn simple physical exercises that will train your body to be in peace in difficult situations. The hearing God teaching is from Joyful Journey: Listening to Immanual by Dr. E. James Wilder, et al. The physical exercises are found online on YouTube under Shalom My Body Exercises by Dr. James Wilder.
    • Every student will receive a personal prophetic Word as a gift from Gail and the Lord.

    When the class is completed you will be comfortable taking yourself through your own inner healing and deliverance sessions any time the Lord highlights a wound He wants to bring healing to.  Praise Jesus!

    This becomes your new healthy, empowering, equipping, lifestyle.  You should at least be taking yourself through another session every 60 days to continue to move forward quickly on your wholeness and freedom journey!

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

"Do you want to be part of something noble and purposeful; to live a life that matters, a life of significance? We all want to feel like the time we spent on earth made a difference." Dr. John Maxwell

 What You Will Receive When You Sign Up For The Journey Into Wholeness and Freedom Program!

  • 7 classes led by Gail who is ready to help you and answer any questions that you may have as you learn how to take yourself through the inner healing and deliverance sessions.
  • You learn how to break ancestral curses off of your generational line.
  • You learn how to break destructive soul ties off your life. 
  • You learn how to identify judgments you have made, cancel them and cancel the consequences of them so you will not be harmed by them any longer.
  • You fill out your Life Destiny Map and learn how to start to spot what your passions and gifts are and what your major life traumas were so we can begin to help you receive healing and deliverance from some of those traumas.
  • You receive access to your online classroom with Gail’s training videos and pdf’s accessible to you 24/7 for 6 months.
  • You learn how to take yourself through the 8 Steps To New Beginnings to receive inner healing and deliverance in wounded areas of your life that have been blocking you from moving forward.
  • You receive the 8 Steps To New Beginnings Training booklet you can use to take yourself through a full inner healing and deliverance session at any time.
  • You will begin to develop a deeper, more intimate connection with the Lord Jesus.
  • Broken parts of your heart are healed so you are no longer held back by them.
  • Your mind will become clearer, able to receive strategies from the Holy Spirit for life!
  • You will begin to move forward in your journey to wholeness and freedom: able to fight the good fight at a higher level with awareness of the battle you are in.
  • You will learn weapons that will serve you well to stand strong and move forward for the rest of your life!








Frequently Asked Questions

1. When I gave my life to Christ, I became a new creation. Why do I need Inner Healing and Deliverance?

A."All people are traumatized and have deep wounds inside of themselves."They are wounds to the soul or the spirit of man that are carried and experienced with the person himself.Their presence is revealed by their symptoms, by the manifested evidence of unhealed emotions, behaviors, and thoughts." (Restoring the Foundations by Chester and Betsy Kylstra, pg. 200)

2. How do I know if I need inner healing and deliverance?

A.Everyone carries past hurts, wounds, traumas around deep inside of them.The Lord Jesus wants to come and heal those

wounds for us.

3. What Scriptures speak to our need for inner healing and deliverance?

A. Luke 18:20 says, "I have come to heal the broken hearted, to set the captives free. to set at liberty them that are bruised."

Psalm 23: 3 says, "He restores my soul."

Jeremiah 17:14"Heal me oh Lord, and I will be healed;save me and I will be saved, for thou art my praise. "

3 John 1:2"Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health,just as your soul prospers."

4. Is this for demon possessed people?

A. "We agree with those who contend that Christians cannot be "possessed" by demons, since possession involves ownership. We would not agree with those who say that Christians can't "have" a demon since this is an issue of harassment and oppression.To stop Demonic Oppression, the "legal ground" must be reclaimed.Then the trespassing demons can be easily evicted.""Restoring the Foundations" by C. and B. Kylstra, pg. 261

5. Is the inner healing and deliverance process painful?

A.There may be some emotional pain as you remember the trauma the Lord is highlighting He wants to heal.It doesn't last because He comes to you in your pain and trauma and heals you supernaturally!The pain is then gone for good! Praise Him!  When you are going through the deliverance portion of the 8 steps we bind and gag all the demons in you and command them not to manifest.They then come out quickly and quietly without you even feeling anything usually because we have broken all of their rights to stay inside of you through the prior 7 steps.If you feel anything you are told to let Gail know and she will again command them to be bound and gagged and they stop.

6. How many sessions do I need to go through in order to be fully healed and delivered?

A.The name of our program is "Journey Into Wholeness and Freedom" for a specific reason.We all are on a journey into wholeness and freedom and we won't be completely healed and whole until we step into the heavenly realms permanently.

I often remind our students that we are all like onions.We peel off one layer of wounding at a time.Sometimes we will have to go back to an old trauma again after we have gotten other wounds healed and are strong enough and whole enough to now do a deeper level of healing in that area.The Holy Spirit is our Healer and He is the one who decides what we are to do in each session.

7. What are the benefits of inner healing and deliverance?

A. We have a section in the above material that addresses that question, but let me add to it here. Those of us who live in this "inner healing and deliverance" life style, using our training whenever the Holy Spirit awakens us to another area needing healing in our lives are just amazed at how loving and kind the Lord Jesus is to continue to set us free from more hidden garbage we were not even aware of that is still limiting our ability to be all He created us to be and paid for at the cross for us for His great glory and our great blessing!We are eternally grateful to Him for this training!

Try Out Our Program With No Risk To You!

We believe so strongly in this training program that we are offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked!

Just drop us an email at [email protected] and we will refund you your full cost for the program!

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destiny back! Enroll today!

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"In my lifetime I have struggled with fear as well as not being able to fully trust in the Lord."

" These things hindered me from living my life in peace. At times it stole my joy and made me feel hopeless.  It drained me of strength, courage, and faith.  I didn’t completely understand why I felt this way and why I couldn’t free myself of these struggles, but God knows everything about us as He is our Creator.  God revealed to me things I didn’t know had hurt me deep within my heart. He brought them to light so they could be healed; for “God’s light reveals what His love can heal” Luke 1:79. Through my sessions I can honestly say that I have new joy in life. I find myself humming to worship songs while at work. A calmness, peacefulness, and hope in my inner being that can only come from our God. Philippians 4:7 "and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

I truly believe God has provided a way for us to be delivered from oppression, bondage, and the lies of the enemy; from all that separate us from His amazing love. He shows us His true character through each session through His gentle, patient, loving kindness.  He draws us near and imparts in us spiritual discernment to help bind and cast off darkness and bring us into His light. Thank you Jesus for these wonderful teachings and bringing Gail in to my life so You can set me free." Maria P.

"This is My command--be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

What This Program Is and What It is Not

This program is an introduction into inner healing and deliverance. 

It teaches you how different aspects of the supernatural realm of the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of darkness work.

You learn how to break off generational curses, cancel judgments, sever soul ties, and break vows that have been harming you.  You learn how to connect to the Holy Spirit so you can discover the crippling lies you have been believing that you live your life from and how to be healed from the trauma that made you come into agreement with those lies.

You learn how to renew your mind with Godly Truth Decrees, seek real supernatural healing from the Lord Jesus Himself concerning that wound, and how to cancel the rights of the demons you came into agreement with during the trauma.  We then teach you how to get them out of yourself quickly and quietly for good.

You learn how to recognize if the demons are trying to provoke you to come into agreement with them again so you can resist them and win the spiritual battle to be free from them.

This is knight training for the Lord Jesus Christ’s glorious Bride!  You will not be taken through deep inner healing and deliverance of severe traumas from your past in this program. 

We are all onions, many layered people, with many levels of trauma and hurt.

This course educates you as to how to begin your journey into deeper and deeper healing guided by the Holy Spirit.  We just usher you into the whole reality of the true spiritual battle we are all in and teach you how to rise up and win your daily battles against the darkness and reshape your future through your standing with knowledge and skills to fight the good fight of faith!

Gail and Steven Journeying

Into Wholeness and Freedom

in a session!!

Journey Into Wholeness and Freedom Training Program Logistics

There is very limited seating so sign up now!!

Dates of Training : TBA

Time of Class: TBA

Location: TBA 4 Zoom Meetings online and a weekend (Friday night, and Saturday from 9AM-7PM).

Cost :TBA

Learn the 8 Steps to New Beginnings and change your life!

  • 4 live Zoom meetings online and a Friday evening and all day Saturday event where we take you through 3 full inner healing and deliverance sessions so you know how to do it for yourself!
  • Online class room with videos and pdf training.
  • Biblical Inner Healing and Deliverance training manual with only 7 chapters to read.
  • Bonus: Gail's 12 Spiritual Weapons of Warfare Course.

"My people perish for lack of knowledge," says the Lord. Hosea 4:6


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