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"What good would I be to you unless I bring you some revelation, or knowledge, or prophecy, or word of instruction?" Apostle Paul stated this in 1 Corinthians 14:7.

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Much good will come forth from your time spent with Me in the inner chamber, snuggling with the One who loves you so very much!

Lord how beautiful You are!  My lips will praise You great and wondrous King of kings and Lord of lords!  You quench my thirst when I see Your beauty, Your holiness, Your power, Your Kingdom and Your glory dear love of my life!

Help me to know You more!  I long for You in the dry and weary land where there is no water.  You are my life and my reason for staying in the land of the living.

I long to do Your will oh Lord!  Set me free from all that is holding me back from seeing You as You really are.  Turn my gaze from earthly things and help me see and understand my life and this world from Your perspective great One!

“The thief has stolen so much from My Bride.” says the Holy One.  “I need a troop of mighty men and great, powerful Kingdom freelancers that will stand with Me and be all that I Am is releasing in this moment in time.

You will be a rocket ship that will go forth and transcend the earth realm and reach into your...

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In The Scary Places, God Is There!

fear god joy peace presence Sep 01, 2018

I remember years ago when I was driving my car and I instantly went blind except for my side vision.

I remember the time years ago when I was an actor in a week long VBS evangelistic outreach theatrical production.  Each day built on the day before, helping people to understand the gospel in a creative way and the last day we would give a full presentation of the gospel and invite people to give their lives to Jesus.

I was driving with my little girls to the church to rehearse the last day’s episode when all of a sudden I lost all of my vision except for my peripheral edge of my sight.

I stayed calm and began to cry out to Jesus for help.  I pulled to the side of the road and immediately called my pastor’s house to tell them.  Our pastor was the co-lead in the production.

Kathy, his wife answered the phone.  I told her what was going on and she said she would immediately get on her knees and pray.

I was still close to home so I decided to turn the car...

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God Spoke To Me and I Was Forever Changed!

I am excited to recount a priceless moment in my life in God when I was still a very new Christian.  I was so in love with God!  It was so wonderful to know that I was actually loved by Someone, God Almighty, so much that He actually left His Kingdom and throne in the heavenlies, came to earth, was born as a human child to a lowly woman, lived a sinless life for 33 years, loved and healed many people, preached the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand to all that would listen, and prepared His small tribe to take His message to all the world. 

Everywhere He went He manifested what Father God was like to the people who were with Him.  He was full of joy and loving kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness, gentleness and great power.  He was so very beautiful to those that had eyes to see.  How I wish I could have been there during His time here on the earth.

What a thought, to cuddle up next to Him as John did and lean upon His chest as He taught His compatriots...

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A Heavenly Window Opened And Supernatural, Warm, Liquid, Honey Love Poured Over My Being! It all started in a little Baptist Church in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Our Lord, King, and God adores us and hungers for us to draw close to Him.  It is our heritage as the Children of God!

 One normal (or so I thought) Sunday morning in church, we were worshiping the Lord at the beginning of the service, singing some song asking the Lord to show us Himself in a deeper way.  I wish I could remember the song, but I can't.  There were not a lot of people in church that Sunday.  It probably was summer time when a lot of people miss church because they go on vacations with their families.

I was loving the Lord and quietly singing away when all of a sudden a window with an upper pane and lower pane like you have in your house appeared in front of me floating in midair!  The window trim was painted white and it looked as real as all earthly objects look.  

I was stunned!  I then watched as the lower pane of the window slid up to open the bottom half of the window just like you would do with your own home's...

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Do You Need A Second Chance?

Our magnificent, loving, kind God, the Lord Jesus Christ, is in the business of second chances.  I had gone to church my whole life.  We prayed before dinner every day and I even went to AWANA every Friday night to play games and learn about Jesus.  I was very active in our teen youth group when I got older and would have died believing I was a Christian.

I prayed to the Lord Jesus when ever I needed His help.  He was a natural part of my life.  Or so I thought.

When I was around 16 I went shopping in Oak Park for some clothes.  I worked hard as a waitress and enjoyed spending my money on nice things.  That day there was an outdoor concert  being held right in the middle of all the shops.  

It was a Christian concert and it was beautiful to listen to the teenagers and adults singing their praises to God in a public setting.  As I stood and listened to the beautiful music a small group of teenage girls came over to me and began...

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My First God Encounter!

Lady Gail’s Blog


“My darling children’, I hear the Father say, ‘Come into My lap and allow My beautiful child that has been with Me many a year to come forth and dispel the anger, the darkness, the seething hatred that I Am is totally able to heal.  It is time for you to arise as mighty Kingdom warriors, dispelling the darkness that has so tried to defeat you over the many years of your lives.

There is victory in My Son, King, Lord, Deliverer, Great and Holy Conqueror of the Hearts of Men, Jesus!  Oh, it is well for thee to enter into all that I Am has decided to loose into this nation so that we together will be able to take out the evil that is destroying multitudes that are destined for greatness!

Sing My gentle sheep, sing to the people!  Amen and amen!”

Good day to you mighty ones!  The above is what you would call a prophetic Word given to me by Father God as I sat down to write this blog.

 If you would like to...

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Lady Gail's Blog: My Amazing, Love Filled, Supernatural Journey Into The Heart Of God. In The Beginning.

My dear friends...I call you friends because I feel anyone who is in search for more of the Beloved Trinity in their life is my friend whether I have ever met you or not.  In the Spirit we are one!  We are the Body of Christ on this earth!

"Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is "a part of it."                            1 Cor. 12:27 NIV.

Today is a big day in my life, this is the launch of my personal blog!  Woo Hoo!  I have been preparing for this my whole life I guess.  I see how the Lord has woven my whole life into a beautiful tapestry that I can hang up and show the world now that I am 63 years old today!  I want to stand in front of my tapestry and take you gently through the lessons I've learned, the battles I've fought; some I won, some I lost

 I want to introduce you to some of the beautiful threads the Lord wove into my life over the years to teach me,...

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