Hearing God: Growing In The Prophetic by Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow

When you learn to listen with your spirit, you can hear God's constant flow of communication to your heart and the world around you.Because so many are afraid  of doing or believing something wrong, they refuse to even try to explore this part of their right as a son or a daughter to know God's voice daily in a fresh and living way.  How tragic it would be to have lived an entire life serving a God that you never learned to recognize the many ways He is speaking and the many things He is wanting to say to you.

We pray this 9 week journey will release you into a whole new level of freedom in your relationship with God.  May you discover the love language He already has with you and has been waiting for you to learn from the moment He first dreamed you into existence.  

There is a Living Intentionally section by Elizabeth which is a challenge to use practically what you have learned during the following week.  There is also a a helpful follow-up 10 Minutes to Activate section for use in your group setting.  These times will be an opportunity to actually prophecy over other students in the group and get feed back.

After the last week's lesson you will find a 30 Day Challenge that can be used individually to help you gain momentum in your pursuit of hearing God.

Answers for the workbook blanks are included in the back of the workbook just in case you missed a few during the lecture session.




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