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Order of the Saints of the Holy One

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Join us in the journey to know God deeply, get your heart and mind healed while discovering your destiny path and reaching into your success! You Can Do It! We Can Help! "The glory of God is man fully alive!" St. Irenaeus.

God Only Knows Your Pain

The Lord led me to this song and asked me to put it on my website to minister to you. I had never heard of it before. Please watch this music video. There is a way to get your pain healed and His name is Jesus!


FREE RESOURCES to help you become mighty arising knights to King Jesus!

FREE Discover and Pursue Your Passions, Purpose and Potential!

Lady Gail and John Maxwell, a world renowned, great personal growth teacher will help you discover your destiny path ...

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FREE Joy Everlasting! Book Club: Stepping Into Heavenly Realms

Come on in and join our community of spiritually hungry, ready to step into their destiny brothers and sisters in Chr...

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FREE Gazing Upon Our Beloved Trinity Bible Studies

We are so excited to offer you this life giving teaching that great men and women of God have received from the Holy ...

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We celebrate, worship, and reveal King Jesus, Father God, and Holy Spirit through our unique teaching and artist gifts.
We are raising up spiritually hungry men and women into mighty Kingdom Knights of the Living God to love, serve and proclaim Him through their unique destinies in a joyful, loving, healing community
. We do this through our free monthly, online Joy Everlasting! Book Club, our online Eagle Rider's  Academy, our regional classes, our Facebook Page, and our YouTube Channel. 
Lady Gail Hubbard Ciarrachi, KKLG, (Kingdom Knight of the Living God) is the Founder, Spiritual Director and CEO of our Order, is an ordained minister of MorningStar Ministries under Rick Joyner and a certified John Maxwell Leadership Teacher and Coach.

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Spiritual Weapons of Warfare by Lady Gail Hubbard Ciarrachi, IKKLG

Learn how to wield the Weapons of Warfare our great King has given us so that we can stand and turn back the darkness...

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John Maxwell's Foundations For Success! How To Be A R.E.A.L. Success and Your Road Map For Success.

Dr. Maxwell will help you understand how RELATIONSHIPS, EQUIPPING ATTITUDE and LEADERSHIP are keys you need to succee...

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The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell

In order to reach your potential, you must be intentional about personal growth. John will help you understand how pe...

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Becoming A Person Of Influence by John Maxwell

John Maxwell will teach you that whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your impact on others by Beco...

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Leadership Gold by John Maxwell

John candidly takes his students through what feels like a one-on-one leadership program. Leadership Gold offers the ...

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Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John Maxwell

The ability to connect with others is a major determining factor in reaching your full potential. It's no secret! Con...

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The Seven Mountain Mandate

Be inspired and challenged to function in the fullness of your destiny, specifically in the areas of your personal in...

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Hearing God: Growing In The Prophetic by Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow

When you learn to listen with your spirit, you can hear God's constant flow of communication to your heart and the wo...

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"Gail is highly anointed in prophecy and has a gift for teaching and ministering. Gail has prophesied over me and I found her prophecies to be very accurate and influential in my life and I continue to go back to them for inspiration and encouragement. Gail has prayed for me and I've seen immediate results. Gail is spirit led and is definitely a gift to the body of Christ.Gail is an excellent Spirit-led teacher and mentor. She's experienced and seasoned and committed to discipling others, always in a spirit of love. Gail also has a wealth of information and recommendations on resources for further study. This class has truly been a blessing!! Laurie Parker "

"After being about 2 months under her leadership and her mentorship I would tell her, “Where have you been all my life? I needed this all my life. I always felt like I was stuck, like there was a blockage, a hindrance that was preventing me from moving forward, stepping into my destiny and into my calling. Gail really took me by the hand and walked me through the inner healing and deliverance process. There was a lot of healing that needed to be done in my heart because of things that had happened in my years past. Once that was cleared up and I was able to move forward, relationships that were toxic ended, I didn’t even know they were toxic. Doors that needed to be closed, closed, and doors that needed to be opened, opened. I am just growing and flourishing. I am growing in my gifts, I am growing in my destiny. I want everyone to be able to experience the freedom I am experiencing, that’s why this course is so important to me. I am so thankful that the Lord placed Gail in my path, her obedience to her calling has changed my life. Alicia G."

"I have been a mental health nurse for over 30 years. The book, this class (Journey Into Wholeness and Freedom),, and Gail have been an incredible gift in my life. It is amazing how much more aware of God’s Presence and my ability to discern His Word has grown. I am learning this is not a quick fix for our issues, but you do see amazing results and changes in your life as you learn and apply the steps. The best part of it is that with God’s help and this knowledge we can change and grow and lead the true lives God has intended for us. "

"Gail is really big on inner healing and she has taught me a lot about how to connect to His heart so that I would be able to heal from past pains. I think for me, that understanding that with the Father I can have a simple, close relationship and it doesn’t have to be that complicated. We can come with an open heart every day and as we seek and long for His presence He fills us up. I am so thankful for your ministry Gail. I am thankful for your mentorship. I pray for more increase and I encourage anyone reading this to connect with her work. It has been a platform for me to grow, a platform for me to discover my purpose, a platform for me to grow my gifts, and a platform for me to connect more and more with the heart of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Have a blessed day!”Sonya Rolande "

"I had no idea of how exactly all the anguish in my heart, my anger, my despair, anxiety, depression-you name it-affected every aspect of my life. I now see that with every layer I uncover in my healing journey brings a new joy and peace that I've never experienced before. I now see clearer then I've ever seen before. More importantly I know and can feel just how much God is working in my life. I feel His presence and the peace that only He can provide. I'm grateful for Gail who has shared her God-given gift so that individuals can experience God's love, peace, and embrace as never before." Jocelyn M."


My sisters and brothers I can not express to you clearly enough that the Beloved Trinity, Father God, the Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit are in the transformation business! They love all mankind and want everyone to be set free from the lies of our enemy the devil, and walk in the life giving freedom the Lord Jesus Christ paid for on the cross 2,000 years ago. The resources we offer will help you understand that life giving truth and help you in the process; the journey into your freedom dear ones! Part of our mission is to help people discover who God created them to be, what their passions and purpose are, how to hear the Lord direct and guide them and to teach them how to get free from the bondage that holds them back from fulfilling their God given destinies. There are great teachers on the earth today that have spent years learning how to set the Body of Christ free from the evil that binds them. There is freedom available for the children of God today! We need to learn how deeply we are loved by our great and mighty God. We need to see He is well able to heal us of our past traumas and sins that have stolen so much from us. Today is the day, this is the hour for the Bride of Christ to arise and be healed and manifest the Kingdom of God on the earth through God's loving kindness and great power! Please prayerfully consider joining us in the race to our destinies with King Jesus leading all the way through our teaching! My heart is filled with love, hope and joy at the thought of you accepting our challenge to leap into your journey of becoming your best self for your own benefit and those you are destined to touch. Let's Go! Lady Gail


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