FREE Gazing Upon Our Beloved Trinity Bible Studies

We are so excited to offer you this life giving teaching that great men and women of God have received from the Holy Spirit to nourish the Body of Christ!  It is through the Word of God that we have grown spiritually more than any other vehicle on the earth today.  The Word of God is alive and is a supernatural love letter written through the leading of the Holy Spirit as a guide to take us deep into the heart of our Beloved Trinity. 

Please join us on the journey into spiritual maturity by digging deep into God's Word with us on a regular basis.  Let it nourish you daily and you will be changed forever!

One of my mentors, Dr. Lance Wallnau wrote a great blog post on how powerful the Word of God is to change your whole life structure.  It is called Access Your Genius Capacity. Go ahead and click on it and read it!  It will really help you understand the amazing supernatural power that is available to God's hungry children when they focus on His Word!



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