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Come on in and join our community of spiritually hungry, ready to step into their destiny brothers and sisters in Christ!  

Here are some of the benefits of joining:

1.)  Access to Lady Gail's prerecorded live stream of her discussion of each quarter of the book. This will be archived for those who need to watch it later In the Joy Everlasting! Book Club Membership. 

Read the great fathers and mothers of our faith's stories/testimonies that have transformed Lady Gail as she studied them over her more than 30 years as a Christian. 

The Holy Spirit would tell her to go to the Christian Book Store, which she would do and then He would highlight which books He wanted her to read.

Now Lady Gail prays and seeks the Holy Spirit's wisdom as to which of those life changing books she should choose for God's hungry Arising Knights and showcase in the Book Club monthly.

Her prerecorded discussions are archived in our Book Club Membership Area for all members to watch at their leisure and on her Youtube channel.

Jump in today and have your life changed forever! 

The below picture is what your inner child/your soul will look like after a few months in our Holy Spirit guided, reading us into wholeness project!

Come on in!  The water is fine!  Taste of the Lord Jesus Christ and see that He is oh so good!


"Readers are Leaders!"


"Learners are Earners!"

 Don't miss your opportunity to get free mentoring from a seasoned teacher, leader, and reader!  Get registered for the free Book Club today!

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"I am so excited with what the Lord is going to do through us each and every week that we progress through these book studies!  I know how He has changed and formed me through these amazingly anointed books!  I can't wait to see what He does with you!"

I leave you in our great and mighty God's breathtaking love,

Lady Gail Hubbard Ciarrachi, IKKLG

(IKKLG stands for Immortal Kingdom Knight of the Living God!)





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