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“My darling children’, I hear the Father say, ‘Come into My lap and allow My beautiful child that has been with Me many a year to come forth and dispel the anger, the darkness, the seething hatred that I Am is totally able to heal.  It is time for you to arise as mighty Kingdom warriors, dispelling the darkness that has so tried to defeat you over the many years of your lives.

There is victory in My Son, King, Lord, Deliverer, Great and Holy Conqueror of the Hearts of Men, Jesus!  Oh, it is well for thee to enter into all that I Am has decided to loose into this nation so that we together will be able to take out the evil that is destroying multitudes that are destined for greatness!

Sing My gentle sheep, sing to the people!  Amen and amen!”

Good day to you mighty ones!  The above is what you would call a prophetic Word given to me by Father God as I sat down to write this blog.

 If you would like to learn more about prophetic Words you can go to 1 Corinthians chapter 14 in the Bible.  "Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy."  1 Corinthians 14:1

One of my greatest gifts and passions is to help equip the Body of Christ to become all we are created to be.  The Lord has had me building a Resource Library for His Church to use to grow spiritually and naturally mature for many years.  I will be highlighting resources for your enjoyment and edification throughout my blog times with you.

A great resource to learn more about the prophetic is Hearing God: Growing in the Prophetic by Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow which is in our store.

Our wonderful Father God has asked me to tell the tales of His supernatural interactions with me over these last 30 years.  I will share with you the many supernatural experiences I have had with our great God Himself, with His angelic beings and with the demonic enemy we are called to fight.  As I tell you my God stories, my anointing will open up deeper connections and interactions with God for you dear ones.

Many times I have been at a conference or a gathering where a mature brother or sister in Christ who was deeply connected with God would be speaking and/or teaching and I would have a God encounter because of their anointing that opened the Heavens for all that were there hungry for more of God.

It is my great heart’s desire to do that for you now as well!  Papa God has promised me that this would happen as I tell my stories.

I love the beauty and wonder of living in the Kingdom of Heaven where everyone loves and does not revile or hate anyone.  We Kingdom citizens need to be in the business of building each other up, not tearing down or speaking ill of those we have traveled life with.  My stories will be told from a perspective you may have never come across before.

The Lord has given us great and mighty tools in this day to help us be healed from our past traumas in our lives.  After we are healed we can sing the praises of our wonderful loving Father to others and help them receive healing as well.

The way I will tell my stories is through a specific tool I am learning to use in telling of past hurts and pain so that I do not injure other people that were a part of my story nor do I bring you, my readers or listeners into the pain I actually experienced during my processing moments.

This tool is taught by Life Model Works.  Dr. E. James Wilder and Chris M. Coursey wrote a short little 21 page booklet called Share Immanuel:  The Healing Lifestyle.

So, now that I have explained how my tales will be told, let us begin the journey into the breathtaking, supernatural, awesome, loving kindness of our God as He has encountered me and brought me into profound healing and freedom to become all that He ordained for me to be!

  A quick tale to set the stage of my life in God…

When I was around 5-7 years old my mom took me with her to get her hair done.  Her beautician had a salon set up in the basement of her house. 

As I stood there patiently waiting for my mom I over heard the hair dresser say something that sparked an event in my life I have never forgotten.

She was saying how she not only cut hair, but she also wrote educational curriculum for schools which was published by McGraw Hill Publishers.

The moment she said those words I went into my first God encounter that I am aware of in my life.

Heaven opened and God came down and stuck an arrow which was a Word of Knowledge into my heart.  The power that came into my little heart was intense and I knew I would never forget that moment as long as I lived!

Father God spoke to my heart and told me that I too would write educational curriculum for students: that I must never forget that.  It would definitely come to pass.  It was part of my destiny!

I was shocked by this God encounter!  I stood there stunned and unable to hear or say anything.  My heart was racing and I stood in awe of this wondrous moment, this first power filled God encounter I had in my life!

As I share these God moments with you I will offer a little teaching to go with the story to help you grow in your knowledge of God and His wondrous ways.

Can you see, I am an educator that teaches others about God!  His word to me when I was a little girl has come to pass!

A Word of Knowledge is a spiritual gift given by God to His children.

This is a quote from Shawn Bolz who wrote the book, God Secrets: A Life Filled with Words of Knowledge.

“The word “knowledge” in Colossians 2:3 is gnosis, which in this context means to know experientially. It is present and fragmentary knowledge as contrasted with a related word, epignosis, which is more of a clear and exact knowledge, knowledge gained through education or participation. Gnosis is more of an intuitive knowledge demonstrated in a present moment. Again, this is the same word Paul used in 1 Corinthians 12:8 when talking about prophetic words of knowledge: “To another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit.” 

Scripturally, to “know” someone in a biblical sense was to have deep intimacy, even sexual intimacy, with him or her. That’s how Bible translators translated the word “know” or “knowledge.” Getting a word of knowledge isn’t about gaining information, it is about having intimate knowledge of the mind of God.

God is a god of justice, and words of knowledge help us to see what God is doing now. One of the clearest pictures of social transformation and God’s protection over his people, happening outside of the norm, was in the life of Daniel. Daniel and his young friends were given spiritual knowledge and understanding of literature and learning (Daniel 1:17). They had natural and spiritual knowledge downloaded into them that helped them advise the king. Daniel even interpreted the king’s dreams through words of knowledge, and the whole course of his life and his people’s destiny were secured. 

If you could have the knowledge inside someone else’s head downloaded to your own, how much would his perspective, life experience, and understanding affect your own? We can literally get a transfusion of God’s mind and knowledge in an everyday way as we seek to know what he is thinking and what he cares about.

God is releasing spiritual words of knowledge so people can know his thoughts about themselves and the world around them.”

Our God is an awesome God!

Father God I pray for all those that read my stories of Your encounters with me that You would release Your love into them in an experiential way so they would experience You as I do.  I pray that their love for You, the Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit would grow exponentially every day and they would all come into a deep, life healing, thriving relationship with You forever more.

In His Great Love I Leave You All!

Lady Gail Hubbard Ciarrachi, IKKBT





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