Much good will come forth from your time spent with Me in the inner chamber, snuggling with the One who loves you so very much!

Lord how beautiful You are!  My lips will praise You great and wondrous King of kings and Lord of lords!  You quench my thirst when I see Your beauty, Your holiness, Your power, Your Kingdom and Your glory dear love of my life!

Help me to know You more!  I long for You in the dry and weary land where there is no water.  You are my life and my reason for staying in the land of the living.

I long to do Your will oh Lord!  Set me free from all that is holding me back from seeing You as You really are.  Turn my gaze from earthly things and help me see and understand my life and this world from Your perspective great One!

“The thief has stolen so much from My Bride.” says the Holy One.  “I need a troop of mighty men and great, powerful Kingdom freelancers that will stand with Me and be all that I Am is releasing in this moment in time.

You will be a rocket ship that will go forth and transcend the earth realm and reach into your destiny and birth great wonders.  Tides will shift as you move forward in your calls.” says the Holy One.  “Amen and amen.”

“Do not hesitate to shift your demeanor.  Loving kindness is key in this hour!  Do not for a moment think that sin is inconsequential mighty chief of the folks.

You will be destroyed by evil unless you bow the knee to Me and get free.  I Am is mighty to save from all defilement.  There will be a shift in your demeanor as you take the time to witness of My loving kindness to those that are in your family.  Them first.

Release the well of My love across the earth realm darling children of My heart!  Let the trumpeters trumpet My clarion call to become the mighty, never ending loving kindness band throughout the earth realm!  Sing and dance and make merry!  Show the earth realm that I Am is great, wondrous, beautiful to behold and ever so able to set them free from what has hindered their progress on the earth.

I will give much to those that are obedient and compliant to My wishes.  I will give a much-needed golden torch of power to those that are My true leaders in the earth realms.

You will be given a new mantle of power gentle sheep and much good will come forth from your time spent with Me in the inner chamber, snuggling with the One who loves you so very much!

Come into My chamber and become the one you were created to be!  Time is golden in My Kingdom!  I need your time dear friend.  Let us share together and together we will win the great battle of the ages!  Amen and amen.”

In our Beloved's great, breathtaking love I leave you,

Lady Gail

Founder, CEO, and Spiritual Director of the Order of the Saints of the Holy One




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