Free Discover God!

Hello Fellow Life Traveler!

It is our joy to tell you that God is REAL and that He loves you beyond anything you have ever imagined!  Please click on the above video and I will explain to you how I know for a fact that this is really true!

It does not matter what religion you have practiced in the past.  It does not matter what terrible things you have done in the past.  It does not matter if you have hated God in the past.

Nothing can separate you from the love of our great, holy, loving, personally relational God!  Your life could be forever changed by just clicking on the above video and letting me explain how I know this.

Is it not worth a few minutes of your time to discover the God that can fill your heart with love, cleanse you from all your past wrong deeds; your shame, your guilt, your defilement and offer you an eternity of peace, joy, pleasure and loving community for ever more?

I was filled with lots of shame, guilt, and was very defiled and He has set me free from all of that!  He can do the same for you dear one.  Watch the video and learn how. 

Please ignore the old url for our website I reference at the end of the video!  I need to edit that out.  Our correct website address is  Thank you!




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